This is the third video in our series featuring Israeli pastors, people in whose congregations received help from I Stand with Israel, the humanitarian outreach of Maoz.

In this video, Pastor Danny Sayag from Congregation Kerem El tells two stories of people from his congregation we were able to help.

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Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram

I know that pro-abortionists will not like this chart. But it is striking how liberals or those who have no place in their lives for God usually are against their nation going to war for any reason, PERIOD, because of loss of life and treasure.

But these same people are rabidly against saving babies’ lives from death in or out of the womb. As a general statement, may I say, God-fearing Americans hate war too, but know that sometimes it’s either destroy the enemy now or face a much much worse situation in the (usually near) future. Take Syria. Take Iraq.

At this moment, take Afghanistan where U.S. troops are diddling around because though they are there, they have no permission to go after the enemy. That’s what a top commander told a congressional hearing yesterday. Let me say it this way. U.S. troops are commanded to not attack enemy Taliban – unless they are first attacked. Orders of the president. Continue Reading…

Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram

You are Israeli. You are eating dinner with your family. Suddenly the floors start shaking. Your son ask you, “Dad, what is that? Why is the food moving on the table?” Do you tell him? “Avi, that is just Hamas rebuilding tunnels so they can attack us here in the kibbutz [i].”

Shaking Floors

That’s right. Residents of Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip “complained that tunnel digging into Israel from Hamas-run territory has come so close to their homes that it has caused their floors to shake.” (

Stealing From Their Own People… Again

This came to light about a week ago on several television news shows and, until just a few days ago, our government had done little to stop it. Hamas is digging tunnels into Israel—by the way, using materials that are supposed to go to rebuilding the city—in order to carry out terror attacks and we are doing almost nothing to stop them. Hamas is taking the 3.5 million tons of building materials donated to the people of Gaza and instead of rebuilding homes (the intended purpose of the aid), they are building terror tunnels into Israel. The E.U., which often criticizes Israel when a Palestinian stubs his toe, has been largely silent in condemning Hamas. Continue Reading…

2380_53969225969_9583_nby Katy Sorsher Smith

Wednesday began with lots of sunshine. After a week-long cold front that brought very low temperatures to all of Israel, the weather took a turn for the better and it was actually getting warm outside.

But around 2pm, it felt like the sun hid behind the clouds as we started receiving alerts on our cell phones about yet another terror attack in Jerusalem. Once again the reality put the focus back on our survival instincts.

As the details unfolded, it was clear this was not another stabbing. Three Palestinian terrorists came to the Shechem Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. As they approached the border security forces, they were greeted and asked to show their IDs.

While one of the young border patrol soldiers was checking the documents, a terrorist stabbed her. The soldier’s friend who stood right beside her shot the terrorist dead, but then another terrorist shot her in the head, critically injuring her.

A third soldier was injured, but the border patrol forces responded quickly and killed the other two terrorists. As they examined their bodies, they discovered two pipe bombs, which, if exploded, would have caused much damage. No doubt, a horrific tragedy was averted because of these two young women soldiers. Continue Reading…

Maoz is recording a CD with Israeli children singing songs of praise to God.

With words from the Bible and a contemporary sound, they captivated the members and visitors at Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv.

During this special service, several non-believers came for prayer, and a couple of them invited Yeshua into their heart.

Being a light to our nation – this is what Maoz is about. Thank you, Maoz partners, for enabling us to shine the light of Messiah in Israel!
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February Maoz Israel Report

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Photography: London Media

Photography: London Media

Our February Maoz Israel Report is all about Britain.

Shira’s lead article this month focuses on Islam in Britain and expectations of growth for the Muslim population. She also addresses the meaning of this growth for the Christian population and, of course, for the secular population.

Also featured in the report are a prophecy from David Noakes for Great Britain given in November 2015, and an article by Rev. Dr. Clifford Denton, Britain Is No Longer a Christian Country!

We then bring you an update from Maoz UK in an article by Dan Delap, founder of Maoz UK, and a word from new Director in that office, Brian Greenaway.

Following is a short story of a Christian family in England who have been persecuted by Muslims for their faith.

Finally, we give you an account from our Hebrew Book Publishing department regarding books published in 2015, books currently in progress, and new books we are beginning to work on for our readers in Hebrew.

Read the new Maoz Israel Report today. You can also download our free app for your tablets and/or smart phones.

2380_53969225969_9583_nby Katy Sorsher Smith

We have been chosen to live in a very interesting time in history.

Yes, I too, sometimes, engage in a useless pretense game of “what would it feel like if I lived in… [enter your favorite period in time].” I think of challenges I would be facing and, on the other hand, what would be better and easier than today.

However, as I grow older, I am grateful to live in this day and age. It is very clear that events I’m witnessing for the last few years are progressing constantly in the same direction – that of the culmination of God’s plan for mankind – and His plan for Israel.

I have to admit, it is both encouraging, and a bit frightening at the same time.

It’s encouraging because the return of Messiah is approaching. It’s frightening because I’m seeing men and women do things I could never imagine them do.

Yes, technology is progressing fast and we are exposed to more information and opportunities than ever before. Doctors can heal diseases that wiped out entire nations just a couple of centuries ago. Deserts are blooming. People alive today witnessed the moon landing and the Mars landing!

But, on the other hand, this exposure brings up to our eyes the horrors and atrocities mankind are capable of. Continue Reading…

I Stand With Israel, the humanitarian outreach of Maoz, reaches out to believers in need all across Israel.

Here is another testimony of how your gifts provide the much-needed practical help. Avi, a pastor from northern Israel, shares stories from people in his congregation who received aid.

Happy Tu Bi’Shvat!

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Tu Bi’Shvat – the 15th day of the Hebrew month Shevat, is considered a day of trees here in Israel. It’s marked across Israel by planting trees and flowers. People also send dried fruit baskets as gifts and enjoy dried fruits from the produce of the land with their families.

It is not a Biblical holiday, but one that has actually been ordained by Jewish sages to mark the beginning and the end of the agricultural year.

In order to express the link between the Jewish people with the land of Israel, several traditions were established, all of which refer to the fruit of the land.

One such tradition is planting trees all across Israel. Planting was also used to dry the swampland during early 1900’s, when European Jews started returning the land of Israel in masses.

Eating dried fruit is a tradition that survived from the days before the invention of refrigeration.   In order for the fruit to last all the way from the Holy Land to the diaspora, fruits were dried before being sent to Jews in various countries so that they, too, could celebrate the holiday and traditionally enjoy the fruit of the land.

And so today, even in Israel, we eat dried figs, dates, raisins, and nuts – enjoying what the land of milk and honey has to offer!

Happy Tu Bi’Shvat!

Ari & Shira birthed Tiferet Yeshua congregation in downtown Tel Aviv in 1995. Since then they have passed the leadership role to Asher Intrater and Ron Cantor, but Maoz continues regularly supporting this growing body of believers.

Here is a brief update from Ron Cantor, straight from the brand new fellowship room (just completed) at the congregation.

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