Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

On this program:
– UN partitions Palestine
– UN welcomes Israel as a Member State
– Israel’s many wars
– Finally, our panel guests will share their perspectives on the Arab response in the UN and the events which followed the creation of the State of Israel.

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

On this program:
– How to answer claims that Israel has legal right to exist?
– Documents you might never had heard before
– Finally, we will get our panel’s Israeli perspective on these documents, resolutions and the promises from the World of God.


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By Katy Sorsher Smith

I wasn’t in Israel in August of 2005, when on the 10 of Av, one day after what is considered the saddest day throughout Jewish history, the disengagement from Gaza began. I didn’t experience emotions and I didn’t weep with thousands of Jews who were uprooted from their beautiful homes for the sake of peace in the Middle East.

My weeping and mourning came some time later, when I watched the accounts on the internet, and heard the personal stories, watched the footage, listened to prayers and cries of Jews whose only desire was to remain in the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – a desire denied to them.

As Israeli radio and TV channels go back to their archives in the last few days, those emotions and sadness are floating back, and I can’t help but try to hold back the tears . I’m not really succeeding, and once again I cry with those who cried in anguish ten years ago.


Some families left Gaza strip “willingly” – without resisting. Others were evacuated kicking and screaming. The biggest imprint in my memory from those days is seeing soldiers hugging the Jewish residents of the Gaza Strip, crying together, and trying to find some words of comfort for one another, just to make it all look better.

Israeli Army Evacuate Synagogue On First Day Of Disengagement

In my 37 years of living I have witnessed a lot of tragedies and disasters on our planet – wars, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorism, hurricanes, and tornados. But among all these, the disengagement from Gaza stands out above all the rest.

Wars and terror acts begin and end (providing you identify your enemy and do everything possible to eliminate it). Natural disasters pass and the damage they cause is repaired. But we are still reaping the consequences of leaving Gaza… and we will continue reaping them for a long time to come.

When I was in high school, anticipating being drafted into the IDF, my greatest desire was to have peace with our Muslim neighbors. In my mind, no concession was too high a price to pay if we could be safe and live without worries in our land.

These dreams started shattering when buses began exploding in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and cities across Israel. I remember sitting for hours glued to the TV after terror acts… watching the horrific pictures that were looping over and over on the screen… hoping for the death toll to stop rising…

As time flew by, the innocent dreams of living side by side with Palestinians were replaced by the sober understanding that peace requires two sides who want it. I wanted it. Muslims didn’t.

By the time of the disengagement I was already a believer, and knew that peace will only come when Yeshua returns. I knew exactly what leaving Gaza would mean for the Jewish nation. I was against it from both the Biblical and non-religious points of view.


And here we are today… For the past ten years we have witnessed everything promised by those who opposed the disengagement happen. What Israelis built with love and cared for has been destroyed. Land that once produced the best fruits, vegetables and flowers is now used as launch sites for tens of thousands of rockets that have rained on Israeli citizens since August of 2005. Hamas has taken over the innocent Gazans, and is now using them as human shields, ruling by fear and force. Israel has had three operations against Hamas terrorists in Gaza – the last one just a year ago.


Was it worth it? Are we being punished by God for the sins of our people? There are so many questions no one can answer right now.

My only hope is the Lord. He has the answers. He has the power. He has the solution.

While the pictures and sounds of the disengagement will remain in my mind for as long as I live… while I will continue crying again and again as I am reminded of these days each year… I take comfort that God has promised to wipe off every tear… to turn for good all that the enemy meant for evil… that one day, all this land will be ours, and there will be no more pain… no more sorrow… and our mourning will turn into dancing…

May that day come soon.

Here are some heart-piercing videos about the disengagement…

And here is a special documentary in two parts…

By Amit Goldman / Katy Sorsher Smith

Yesterday, July 14, 2015, will be the day we remember for a long time as the worst day in history.

It is the day when the United States and the European community signed a nuclear treaty with Iran – the treaty which guaranties the Iranian Regime a sure path to developing nuclear weapons, and simultaneously allows Iran’s economy to prosper due to the lifting of economic sanctions.

As a result, Iran’s strength is sure to increase tenfold, enabling it to continue funding global terrorism against Israel, against the neighboring Arab countries and, of course, against the United States of America.

An excited Barack Obama stood in front of the cameras at the White House yesterday, declaring the benefits of the signed deal. He said it will prevent conflict and war and allow the west to monitor every move of the Iranians 24/7. He assured U.S. citizens that Iran is going to be limited in production of highly enriched Uranium and weapons grade Plutonium, getting rid of the stock it already has piled up and that two thirds of centrifuges Iran now possesses will be dismantled. Then he threatened Congress on live TV, promising to veto any decision that goes against his will. Well, if this deal is so great and wonderful as Obama presented it yesterday, why would he think the Congress will try to block it?

As far as Israel is concerned, President Obama betrayed our nation, and also the moderate Arab countries in the Middle East, who now fear that Iran will become a regional threat. According to PM Netanyahu, who delivered a powerful speech blasting the signed agreement [watch his speech below], Israel is not and will not be bound by this deal, keeping her right to defend herself against Iran, assuring our continual existence here.

From what we know and understand about this agreement, the U.S. and European negotiators, led by the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, caved in to most of Iran’s demands. They received a green light to continue a “peaceful” nuclear program, sanctions against Iran will be lifted, and there will be an up to 24-days warning ahead of inspections at Iranian nuclear sites.

As predicted, history is once again repeating itself.

Not that long ago, in 1938, a similar treaty was signed between western powers and Nazi Germany regarding the Sudetenland region in Czechoslovakia. For the Czechoslovakian people, the famous picture of England’s Prime Minister Nevil Chamberlain holding the treaty became a symbol of betrayal and surrender to Adolf Hitler. At the expense of Czechoslovakia, an illusion of peace was created, thereby opening a path to more and more unreasonable demands by Hitler and his thugs.

The same thing is happening today, only with different key players. Today, it is Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani making the demands, forcing the allies to cave in against all reason.

Amazingly, during the entire process, and even in the last few days, Iran’s supreme religious leader Ali Khamenei continued fueling the flame of hatred, appearing not once but twice before an ecstatic crowd of fanatical Iranians, delivering speeches against the Western world while the crowd burned Israeli and U.S. flags, chanting “Death to America,” “Death to Israel.”

This treaty of surrender will ensure that forces of evil will continue terrorizing the modern world and that a stronger Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons and fund terrorism unchecked.

As an Anglo-Irish statesman, Edmund Burke once wrote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” and he was right. Time and time again, history has shown that when good men fail to act, the consequences can be disastrous.

This moment will be marked in time as the day when the United States and Europe gave a kosher certificate to Iran’s plans of conquering the world with the aid of nuclear weapons and global terrorism. This treaty is, no doubt, the biggest failure in history. Except now we are all going to pay the price.

For more information, here’s a comprehensive article on the details of this agreement:,7340,L-4679880,00.html

Last night children from our Music Making for Kids program took part in the year-end recital.

This year the sponsored program helped 24 children from all over Israel learn music in accredited music schools.

Thank you, dear Maoz partners, for your support for this project! Our aim is to aid children with music talent reach high and grow up to be the next generation of worship leaders and musicians who will reach their peers with the Good News of Yeshua through music.

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

On this program:
– Background of Arab refugees.
– Are they really refugees?
– Did Palestinian refugees better off with all the massive financial help they have received?
– In the second part of the program, our panel guests will offer their views on the refugee issue.

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

On this program:
– Jews and Arabs prepare for battle.
– What was the Arab Revolt.
– Were there only Arab Refugees?
– In the second part of the program, our panel guests will offer their views of the Jewish-Arab relationships at the time.



By Amit Goldman

Take a good look at this man. This is Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, and it is quite possible that Iran owes much of its nuclear capabilities to him. Khan is the brilliant scientist who stole Europe’s nuclear secrets and sold them on the black market for a hefty profit.

This is the story about the circumstances, which led to possibly one of the biggest security failures in history – a story telling how western intelligence agencies and European authorities failed to stop this man in time thereby allowing Khan’s nuclear smuggling ring to operate unchecked. A story of how this could have been prevented, sparing us the high price we are now all going to pay. Continue Reading…

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

On this program:
– What were the differences between the first and the second Aliya?
– What is a Kibbutz?
– How Jewish-Arab relationships deteriorated.
– Finally, our panel guests will discuss some of the hard realities regarding Israel and the Israelis of that time.

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

On this program:
– How Mark Twain’s description coincides with prophecy.
– Who owns this land?
– The difference between early Jewish and Arab communities in Israel.
– And later, our panel will join me in the studio to discuss the subject of Israel’s physical and spiritual restoration.