Memorial and Independence

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Shira-for-blogBy Shira Sorko-Ram

The Independence Day presentation on TV was incredible. There is no nation like Israel. All day long the heartbreaking stories of sons and husbands, fathers and friends killed in war.

And then this evening the government presented some 12 Israelis who have done outstanding things.

The guy who created WAZE for himself and his wife because he didn’t have a good sense of direction – and now has sold it for way over one billion dollars to Google; the doctor who created a pill-like camera that is swallowed and takes pix of the whole stomach; the guy who pushed through the creation of the Iron Dome when the rest of the officials thought it would cost too much; the top intelligence woman, a former El Al hostess that now has an charity that flies in all kinds of aid to countries that hate Israel, a beautiful Arab girl who does the Arab English news and loves Israel. The young soldier who is autistic and has rare intelligence-gathering qualities and has succeeded in areas where no one before him has reached the same level of achievement… and on…

There are so many wonderful people here.

Many soldiers write poetry and/or songs – some of whom are then killed in battle. Today, other soldiers were singing songs that fallen soldiers had written.

One parent read a note that their son left “just in case.”

“It’s important that you know that I am glad I was born into this family. I am happy I enlisted in The Golani Brigade. If you are reading this, it means I have finished my career, but at least I fought honorably and I am happy. You can be sure I am happy. ”

During the day of mourning our soldiers, the stories and tears of mothers, fathers, children, wives and friends were mesmerizing. At the Independence ceremony and through the day of mourning our soldiers, there was probably more public acknowledgement of God by this government and military officials than all the “Christian” governments in world put together.

Everyone in Israel knows there will be no end of war because Islam, the religion of the Middle East has determined that it will never give up until it has destroyed Israel.

Oh, how we must give our people the chance, the opportunity to hear the Truth of the God of Israel and His Son, Yeshua, King of the Jews!”

On this program:
– UN High Commissioner of Refugees
– Who is a Palestinian Refugee?
– Who donates money for Palestinian refugees and who doesn’t?
– And later, our panel guests will share their Israeli perspective on the subject.

By Amit Goldman

The emerging treaty between the western powers and Iran did not surprise me at the least.

It already had its roots firmly placed the first time Obama went to great lengths to appease the Arab world immediately after his election. Now he is doing it for Iran. Unbeknownst to Obama and the European community, they have triggered a series of future events, which threaten to permanently destabilize the Middle East and, dare I say, the entire world.

Now, with just the framework agreement in place and the treaty’s final terms not even agreed upon, Russia is the first to break ranks and casually lift the embargo on the sale of weapons to Iran. They will not be the last. Continue Reading…

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

This is the Third episode of the 4-part series about the United Nations.

On this program:
– Human Rights Commission replaced.
– World Divided into 5 regions.
– The Council’s attitude toward Israel.
– Finally, our panel guests will share their israeli perspective regarding human rights and Israel.


Christy-photo-editedBy Christy Wilkerson

I celebrated Passover in Israel this year!

It was my first time ever, after over 30 trips, to be in Israel and share the Passover Seder with Ari, Shira, their daughter, Shani, and her 4 children…as well as guests from Ethiopia, UK, and the USA.

We gathered and remembered…we remembered being set free from slavery. We remembered the miracles of provision. We celebrated Yeshua, the Messiah, who frees us from sin. Continue Reading…


By Katy Sorsher Smith

I watched in horror as the proud negotiators and the Iranian representatives announced that they reached and signed a frame agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Flashing cameras, smiling faces, excitement in the air…. It was quite a sight… Yet all I could think of was “Lord, you won’t tarry much longer…”

While the west celebrates this illusion of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear WMDs, Iranian media is proudly announcing Iran’s victory over the world they hate so much and seek to destroy.

If you for one moment thought that maybe this plan of negotiating with the evil regime was a good idea – think again. Continue Reading…

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

This is the second episode of the 4-part series about the United Nations.

On this program:
– The difference between borders and ceasefire lines.
– The meaning of Zionism.
– The role of the UN Security Council.
– Finally, our panel guests will weigh in on the subject, offering their Israeli perspective.

On this program:
– The United Nations General Assembly and its makeup.
– Israel is treated unlike any other state.
– A Spiritual explanation
– Finally, our panel guests will share their israeli perspectives concerning the activities of the UN.

Israel Frontline is a weekly program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

This is the conclution of the 4-part series about Jerusalem

On this program:
– What is a narrative?
– The narratives of Jerusalem
– Narrative clashes
– Finally, our panel of Israeli guests will share their perspectives regarding Jerusalem and Israel’s struggle to preserve its Biblical narrative.

This is the Third program in a 4-part series about Jerusalem

On this program:
– How did Jerusalem become two separate cities?
– What were the changes for Jerusalem’s Arabs when the city was reunited?
– Who does Jerusalem belong to?

Our panel guests, Shani Ferguson, Mati Shoshani and Israel Pochtar will once again join Shira to talk about Jerusalem.