Bombshell in Iran Deal

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Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram


No! It can’t be!

Obama. Is he the GREAT DECEIVER? Is he crazy? Is he a true dyed-in-the-wool Muslim? If he isn’t, then just explain this to me!

I mean, I can’t make any sense of this bombshell that has just come out of the closet.

Obama HID the fact that Iran never signed the Iranian Deal! No, nobody signed it. Not Obama or the Iranians or anybody else!

How did we find out? Because Congressman Mike Pompeo (R.Kan.) noticed that when he looked at “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) alias the Iran Deal sent to congress, there was no signature. Obama hadn’t signed it. Continue Reading…

The UN at it again

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Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram

While France is still hunting for the leader of the massive terrorist attack in Paris, Brussels is in lock down trying to avoid a similar slaughter, Russia is bombing ISIS and visiting Iran with promises to deliver (sell) an advanced S-300 air-defense system to Iran, the UN General Assembly has very important business to conduct, coming up next Monday.

The UN General Assembly has 20 anti-Israel resolutions in the pipeline to be discussed and voted on this coming Monday:

Twenty resolutions are to be proposed at the meeting, including ones calling for 5,000,000 Islamic Palestinians right of return into Israel. Others will condemn Israeli “violence and provocations,” placing responsibility for terror on Israel while total disregarding the 174 terrorist attacks against Israeli men, women and children by Palestinian terrorists in recent weeks. Another will accuse Israel of changing the status quo (delusional) at the Temple Mount compound.

Twenty resolutions against Israel. It’s near the anniversary of the 1947 UN vote that gave Israel and the Arabs each their own state. Israel accepted the UN vote. But since the Arabs completely turned down the UN vote, I can’t figure out why the UN is celebrating this date with 20 resolutions against Israel.

Will the UN pass such psychotic, schizophrenic anti-Israel UN resolutions? What a stupid question.

Hatred and bias against Israel runs deep in Western nations. Look at the latest New York Times headline below. They forgot to write that one Israeli was murdered and the three Palestinians were shot while attacking Israelis citizens with knives and guns.

If a person really analyzes the constant injustices against Israel, he or she can know there is evil in the world. We who read the Bible know that Evil’s name is Satan. Because we can name the source (unlike President Obama who is unable to name the source of Islamic Jihadi terror) we can PRAY that the God of Israel, whose power is greater than Satan’s will fulfill His promise to save Israel from extinction and in fact will bring salvation as it is written, “All Israel shall be saved!”

Maoz supports on a monthly basis three Israeli Arab Christian ministries.

Pastor Joseph Haddad leads a congregation in northern Israel, and people from across the Galilee region are coming to hear the Good News and worship the God of Israel together.

This is an interview we recorder during one of the conferences the congregation hosted this summer.

Two weeks ago, several members of our Maoz office in Israel attended the Global Leadership Summit in Jerusalem.

This yearly event is organized by Willow Creek Association near Chicago, IL. It impacts 260,000 people in 875 cities and 120 countries. GLS is designed to help leaders in both Church and the Marketplace to get better and embrace their grander vision – the reason God called them to lead.

During the two days, the team and another 100 or so Messianic leaders heard inspiring teachings about leadership, vision and impact in our sphere of influence. A few non-believers also attended the event, which caters to all leaders regardless of their faith.

Among the speakers were former PGA player Rick Bezet, Pastor Bill Hybels (host of the conference), Executive Coach Henry Cloud, President and CEO of Capella Hotel Group (Ritz-Carlton) Horst Schulze and Republican Presidential Nominee Carly Fiorina. (Most messages were recorded at the main GLS taking place in Chicago and broadcast to the audience.)



Each of them gave a special insight into leadership from various points of view. They spoke on authenticity as leaders, potential of each of us as a leader, facing and overcoming personal battles, serving those we lead, personal sacrifice, true calling of a leader and more.

Those in attendance were challenged to not only hear, but also implement what they heard with special process tools, which could be used as individuals and as teams.

In between the sessions, we bonded as a team and enjoyed the beautiful city of Jerusalem – something every team needs to work better together.

Special tea blends at the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem

Special tea blends at the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem

Street Art in Jerusalem

Street Art in Jerusalem

We’ve all heard it said that if we’re not progressing, we’re moving backwards, since there’s no such thing as staying in one place. If you don’t grow, you wither. This is something none of us can afford.

Our mission of advancing the Gospel in Israel requires constant growth – as individuals and as a ministry, and this conference was a tool all of us will use in the coming days, weeks and months to better serve our people.

Please pray for us to implement what we’ve learned, so that we could realize our full potential and be a blessing in Israel, advancing the Kingdom of God in the Land.


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Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram

You don’t have to be a prophet to know what’s going on in the world and what the future holds.

But here’s what you do have to do. In fact, if you do the following things you will most likely understand more than 99% of society and 99.99% of the leaders of this world.

First of all, you have to be a regular reader of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation. I read the Bible through every year (except this year when I decided to read only the New Testament in Hebrew – as it takes me longer.)

By going over every verse (I admit I do skim over some – but not all – of the genealogies and repetitions) every year, you begin to get an overall view of how God deals with individuals and nations. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve absorbed in my reading:

  1. When a nation follows the true God by loving Him and obeying His commandments, God blesses that nation. Leaders will make mistakes, but if they are God-fearing, He comes to the rescue.
  2. When a nation forgets God, judgment is absolutely sure to come. Often it comes so slowly that most are not aware of the downward trend. But sooner or later, catastrophe follows.
  3. Those nations who have never known God are held to a somewhat lower moral standard then those who knew the truth and left it. (See Mathew 10:15)
  4. If a backslidden nation returns to God and pleads for mercy while forsaking it’s sin, God will have mercy and save that nation.
  5. A nation that comes against Israel will be cursed. A nation that stands with Israel will be blessed.

Certainly Europe is a carbon copy of ancient Israel as recorded in Scripture. Europe as a whole no longer regards God as the center of its life and love. Continue Reading…

Yesterday in a special United Nations event, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other guests marked forty years since General Assembly Resolution 3379 – the “Zionism is Racism” resolution – was passed.

On that dark day, the then Israel’s president, Chaim Herzog, gave a historic speech at the UNGA, in which he repudiated the resolution and symbolically tore it up before the assembly, saying it’s just a piece of paper and it will be treated as such.

As you may know, the resolution has since then been reversed following heavy pressure from Israel. But the fact itself, that an international body such as the United Nations, passed this ridiculous ruling, still clearly shows that Israel has been, is, and will continue to be a scapegoat… that is, until Messiah returns, of course.

Incidentally (or not), yesterday the European Union issued guidelines instructing Israeli goods to be marked if they were produced beyond the Green Line – in the West Bank or in the Golan Heights – a move greatly applauded by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Today, we wanted to give you a few excerpts from Herzog’s speech forty years ago. It is heart-wrenching that his words could easily be repeated today and still be relevant. Continue Reading…

Katy’s Korner: Incitement Kills

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2380_53969225969_9583_nby Katy Sorsher Smith

By: Katy Sorsher Smith

No doubt, what is fueling the current wave of violence against Israelis is incitement. The “Knives Intifada,” as we are referring to it in Israel, is not as spontaneous as it may seem. Yes, it’s random in regards to where and when it strikes, but one can easily explain why it is happening.

A teenager, a grown man or an elderly woman do not just get up one morning and say to themselves, “today I’m going to kill a Jew,” and then go do it. Yes, some Palestinians live in horrible conditions in the West Bank, but there are millions of people around the world who live in poverty beyond description, who don’t take knives and murder innocent people.

So, what is the difference? Continue Reading…

2380_53969225969_9583_nby Katy Sorsher Smith

Yesterday Yitzhak Navon, Israel’s fifth President, died at the age of 94.

Navon was born in 1921 in Jerusalem, at that time under the British Mandate. He was the country’s first president to be born in Jerusalem. His family was of a Sephardic descent (Jews expelled from Spain who then settled in Arab countries). His father’s family moved to Jerusalem in 1670 and his mother’s ancestors moved here in 1742.

He served in the Haganah (Israeli army during the Mandate, before the official forming of the IDF) in Jerusalem, and was later sent by the Israeli Foreign Service to serve in Israeli embassies in Uruguay and Argentina.

He was a Hebrew University alumnus, who specialized in Hebrew literature and Islamic studies. He spoke fluent Hebrew and Arabic, and was also fluent in English, Spanish, Ladino and Yiddish. Continue Reading…

Amy Winehouse: What If?

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Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram

A couple of days ago, Ari and I flew to the U.S. While on board I watched a documentary about Amy Winehouse – the Jewish singer from Britain who died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

I could not help thinking about this young woman for several days.

The BBC has called her “the pre-eminent vocal talent of her generation.” Born in 1983, she started singing and writing music at the age of 15. Her lyrics rolled off her pen like a waterfall; she was a phenomenal creator of music.

She soon moved out of her mother’s home so she could “smoke weed” all day. By the time she was seventeen she was on her way to fame and fortune. But she also had graduated from marijuana to crack cocaine, heroin and alcohol, to name a few.

Her father, who had shown her little attention as a child, now ran her music business and pushed her along into booking concerts and recording albums and singles, even when it was clear to any objective person she was in desperate need of help. Continue Reading…

Who can stop the violence?

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Shira-for-blogby Shira Sorko Ram

Mahmoud Abbas called on the UN this week to “protect Palestinians from Israeli aggression.”

At the same time he calls for Palestinians to take up knives and to drive their cars right over the bodies of Israelis.

So how could anyone in their right mind demand that his people kill Jews and then demand from the UN that they protect his people from the Jews?

Here’s the reasoning: As Israelis have become more alert to sudden lunges by Arab Muslims with knives, the Israelis are successfully preventing many attackers (not all) from murdering them. Many more Israelis are carrying guns than ever before.

But here’s the sticking point: According to Palestinian reasoning, if an Arab Muslim who attempts to murder a Jew fails because he is shot and killed before he reaches his target, he is regarded as an innocent victim who was killed by the Jews. Continue Reading…