Katy’s Korner: Does it really have to be a ‘Jewish State’?

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2380_53969225969_9583_nBy Katy Sorsher Smith

Two days ago a news headline caught my attention. I schedule tweets for Maoz News channel practically every day, so I get to read even those headlines and stories which don’t make it into the main news edition.

How big was my surprise to find “Peres: Recognition of Israel as Jewish state ‘unnecessary’” screaming off the screen at me.

My first reaction was revolting. I sincerely could not believe this was possible.

For years upon years, starting at school age, we heard that the State of Israel was established as a homeland for the Jewish people.  This is the only place in the world we, the Jews, hated and persecuted all over the world, can call home. This is the only place where I personally feel the safest – even in a reality of terror constantly lurking at the door.

Moreover, for years, millions of Israelis have been yearning for the Palestinians to finally make peace with us so that we can co-exist side by side – two states for two people… what an illusion…

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it absolutely clear that while recognition of Israel as a Jewish State “was not a condition for entering negotiations, it is a condition for completing them.” (israelhayom.com, 1/22/14)

Israel’s President is a purely representative role. The President has no legislative power whatsoever. Nor has he any say in policy of politicians in charge of the country at any given time.

President Peres, now 90 years old, spent his entire political life trying to get peace with the Palestinians. Yes, he even shook hands with the terrorist Arafat in the name of peace. However, I really wonder how a man, who has seen so much failure where the Peace Process is concerned, still believes we have a sincere partner for peace in the PA…

Yes, getting up after failure is a recipe for winning, but I don’t believe we should do it at all costs – at least not where human lives are concerned.

When I was much younger, Yitzhak Rabin was elected to be Israel’s Prime Minister. Peres was his closest friend back in those days. To this high school girl the two seemed unstoppable! In my heart, I believed that we would now have peace and those who hate us so much would now be our friends. Years went by, agreements were signed, yet no change came.

Heartbroken and disappointed, I realized that no matter how much I may long for peace… it is not going to happen when a culture that values life is trying to agree with a culture that idolizes death.

Prime Minister Golda Meir spoke what my heart is crying out each day as I watch the conflict that will only end when Yeshua returns to reclaim his Kingship over the earth. “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

How right she was!  Whether or not we are recognized as a “Jewish State” will not help make peace with the Arabs. Even if they recognized us as such tomorrow, nothing would come out of it for sure – not in a million years!

The first change in order for there to be a true peace is a fundamental cultural one. Children should not be taught in school that Jews torture and experiment on Palestinian children. They should not be encouraged to grow up just in order to set themselves off as bombs, taking with them lives of as many Jews as they possibly can. They should not be taught that killing a Jew will bring you great rewards. They should not hear that Jews stole their land and now Israel has to be wiped off the map in order for there to be peace…

Do I believe this change is possible? Yes. Is it attainable? No. Let me explain.

In order to obtain the things that are possible, there needs to be a will, and people who will act upon that will. Right now, in the PA leadership there’s neither will nor people who will work to execute it.

In fact, if and when a voice rises up from the ‘wilderness’ calling to change course, that voice is shut up really fast. In Islam, you just don’t go against the current. For example, if someone in the West Bank or Gaza wrote what I have the freedom to write as an Israeli, there would be harsh consequences – maybe unto death.

So, within less than 24 hours of me reading this headline, I realized that Peres is right in his words. Don’t get me wrong… I still don’t agree with his opinion that the recognition of the state of Israel as Jewish is a stumbling block in the Peace Process, but I agree that it is unnecessary – not now and not ever.

In my eyes – God said this is our land, and now He will do what needs to be done to keep His promise. The fact that this is a Jewish state does not depend on someone else thinking so. And, again, even if we are recognized as such, true peace is only coming with Yeshua’s Second Coming. And we know what He thinks about this land…



3 responses to Katy’s Korner: Does it really have to be a ‘Jewish State’?

  1. I love the quote from Prime Minister Golda Meir! Good article thanks.

  2. I hoped in all my reading to get to a point where you admit that there is nothing called peace without Christ. Finally you get to it at the last part.

    I will not argue with you on whether this land belongs to the Jews or not, historically speaking there were no godly people involved in giving the land to the representing Jewish agency, neither the established state of Israel represented the true Jewish people. The Jews who lived in Palestine back then didn’t agree on establishing the state of Israel because they didn’t believe that Israel is to be restored by other than “Messiah” himself. Neither the Jews living in Europe or America or Africa were seeking to come to Israel in anytime nor they considered it their homeland. The approach to establish a homeland for the Jewish people started by Theodore Herzl (after some persecution the Jewish suffered in his homeland) and even then there were other alternatives for the homeland of Jewish other than the land of Israel (Palestine back then). The holocaust urged the need and speeded up the process for Jewish state. No matter how, no matter by who, let’s face it, state of Israel was ordered to be established in the land of Palestine according to the league of nations (UN now), and it didn’t include taking over any land that was assigned to the Arab community living here.

    Jewish and Arabs lived altogether for very long time peacefully before the establishing of Israel. They had very good relationship by means of community and business, and Palestine was not an Arab state, neither did they consider it any Arab area. Palestine was a state for Jewish and Arab and some other minorities. Matter of fact, Bank Leumi today was named Bank of Palestine in the past. So everything was working fine until the establishing of Israel. The news got to the Arab living here, and the fights started when Jewish communities stopped buying lands and started taking over lands. As you can see, God was always out of the picture and nobody was claiming it to be “given by God”, it all was earthly and unheavenly approach.

    Anyhow, unarmed Arabs were kicked off their houses and massacred brutally, and what was done to the Jews in Europe, Jewish immigrants were doing it silently to their fellow community neighbors, the Arabs. Taking over lands was never done in the name of “God”, yet many messianic Jewish still believe it was all God’s orders to establish the State of Israel. Of course, and sadly, some Jewish leaders used, literally used, the holocaust of the Jewish, and the newly developed theology of God giving the land of Israel, to raise money and support for the new ungodly and unheavenly and unethical state of Israel, and were at the same time doing bad things to both Jewish and Arab who lived in the land of Palestine.

    Well, where does all of this lead us? These Arabs who still live in Gaza and West Bank, suffered enough, they had their families tortured, their kids killed, their lands and their only income stolen (no matter if is it biblically correct or not), and the nightmare has never ended yet. By their Islamic (and evil) faith, they become extremist and they start to fight with Israel, on daily basis with their lives, they start to dishonor their body and de-valuate themselves since other people have taken their right of living and the abuse of the world and the support of all the world standing for Israel made them more and more shallow in their own eyes that they no longer wish to live but see their enemy destroyed.

    I am in no way justifying any work done by any terrorist or any extremist, and I fully object and reject any killing and harm they are doing to any Israel or any citizen. I’m just letting you see why they are doing it.

    Now, let’s face it. Jewish people who don’t know the Lord Christ, are as blind as the Arabs and Muslims who never met Christ as well. They are both blind to the truth. They are both needing Christ, they are both doing evil work to each other, they are both copying what evil was done to them and repeating it to others… and they are both going to hell without Christ. I can see why this is happening… It’s plain truth that they need Christ in their life.

    Israel, if it was really re-established by God, failed again to be a light for all nations, to be a salt in the land and to be guide to the blind. This is really nothing new to you, they need Christ the Lord. That’s why you are here. To bring your brethren, your Jewish people and your fellow believers to enlighten them to be again a light to all nations. And that’s why I’m here, to bring my brethren, my Arab fellows and neighbors to the enlightening of Christ the Lord, and meet there with you and others in glorifying God almighty.

    But! If we, the enlightened, the salt, and the believers FAIL to be witnesses to our Palestinian and Israeli neighbors and citizens, how can they see Christ? If all we talk about is the land, the right to own the land, and the right to be on this land, failing to see that there is much higher need… these people (both nations) need CHRIST, not land.

    The land will fall, and the skies will fall as well, but the Word of God remains. There is much better approach, to love your enemies. Yes, can you love a person who killed your parents? No, but in Christ, Yes. That’s what I’m doing. I love my Jewish neighbors now, although their grandparents kicked my grandparents, and killed them, but now I live here in Israel, I love everybody, every Jew, every Muslim, every Arab, and I bring the good news to them, since nothing is more important the the Lord. It’s not about Palestine or Israel, it’s about Christ, the Messiah, the Savior, meeting the Lord.

    I really don’t expect my Jewish state, Jewish unbelievers to love their Palestinian brothers without being first introduced to Christ, but what I’m eager to find out, How Christ the Lord changes my life and changes your life into loving our enemies.

    If we only loved the Jewish (or Arabs in my case), what are we adding?
    Anyhow, I think I made my point. Israel was established, no matter how, no matter why, and I really don’t care. But, now as we still have opportunity to live together, love one another and benefit from one another, let us present Christ to these people in Palestine, let us present the Gospel to them, the mercy to them the good News, not the news of war, not the news of hatred, and not the news of kicking them out of the lands because God promised it to us… Asaf said in Psalm 73, who do I have in heaven other than you, and on earth I seek nothing but you…. the Land, Earth is a just a place to meet with Him (the Lord), so that we can spend eternity with Him. Let us seek the heavenly, not the earthly, for the earthly takes us no where.

    I love you in Christ, I appreciate your love. I fully understand why you wrote this article, and I fully understand your point of view, yet, I pray that you can see the other side of the coin, and may the Lord bless your life, and use you to bring more Jews into knowing Christ the Lord, and be salt in the land, and light for all nations.

    In Christ

  3. Israel the Almighty God is with you don’t fear for very soon He will put every enemy under your feet in Yeshua’s Name

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