Katy’s Korner: Why are we releasing prisoners?

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2380_53969225969_9583_n by Katy Sorsher Smith

UK just sentenced two radical Islamists who virtually beheaded a soldier on a street in broad daylight. Russia is facing consequences of two horrific bombings in two days in Volgograd (former Stalingrad). President Obama again is setting his mind on closing Guantanamo Bay prison for terrorists. And we here in Israel are watching in disbelief – for the third time this year – as murderers and terrorists are about to receive their heroes’ welcome in their “Palestinian” hometowns shortly after they are released from Israeli prisons tonight.

This third prisoner release (the fourth is scheduled for April) of 26 terrorists, including murderers, is set to happen Monday night despite the ongoing protests of bereaved families and dismay of the public. Everyone knows that Israel is sure to pay a heavy price for this insanity.

As if to mock the Israelis, terror acts against military and civilians have been on the rise since early last week. The “big one”– on the bus in a Tel Aviv suburb – was averted – because of a passenger who paid attention. Interestingly enough, such a rise in terror attacks is recorded each time ahead of prisoners’ release.

But even despite these attacks, Israel’s government is going ahead with the promised release. No doubt most, if not all, of the 26 will return to terror one way or another.

I want to remind everyone that Israel gets absolutely nothing in return for this release. This is nothing more than a “good will gesture” for the Palestinians related to the resumed peace talks. The ironic thing is that while this release was a prerequisite to the peace talks, no one can assure Israel that today or tomorrow or in a week Abbas will not come out and cancel the talks. After all, he always finds reasons. And, even more important, no one can assure the talks will not fail. Of course, they will…

I feel especially sorry for the families of the terror victims, who live with the reality of losing a loved one each day. What a terrible injustice it is to release people with blood on their hands, while Israelis murdered by them can never be brought back. I have to remind myself that God is a God of justice and even though it seems like the unjust are prospering, their end is coming and it’s not going to be a pleasant one.

But right now we will have to (again) watch the celebrations in West Bank and Gaza. Children there will receive as much candy as they can carry away. Crowds that will soon begin gathering will celebrate all day tomorrow and into the night, hailing their heroes who are returning home to continue their fight against the “Zionist occupant regime.”

To tell you the truth, I am not sure where I’m going with this. I just know that I had to write this so that people outside of Israel will be aware of what is going on.

In the world where Israel is demonized, boycotted and ostracized, I think it’s important to show our side of the story – even if no one is listening.

Incidentally, while I’m still writing this short blog, the head of negotiations from PA, Saeb Erekat, announced that he’s declaring the negotiations a total failure and there’s no reason to wait the nine months given by the US for the negotiations. Translation: “We’re not going to get everything we want, so why bother?”

So I guess now there’s not really a reason to release the terrorists… but they will still be freed… tonight…
And tomorrow, after the celebrations stop, they will return to plotting, scheming and devising their wicked plans against Israel.

What else is there to say?

Please pray for us here in the Land of Israel. Pray for protection. Pray for God’s mercy over each household, each soldier, and each border. Pray for wisdom for our leaders, who, it seems, are trying to please everyone and not really pleasing anyone, but on the contrary, emboldening the enemy. Pray for salvation – of both Jews and Arabs, because that’s the only way to peace in the entire world!



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  1. We here too wonder why these prisoners are being released. It has never brought peace or even a halt to terrorism on your boarders.. When will we wake up. We will pray for continued protection for the innocent in your nation as well as around the world. May the God of Abraham give wisdom to our leaders and yours. Shalom D Tucker

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